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The next time someone says math is hard show them this, NMR spectroscopy. By looking at peaks created by stimulating protons with a magnetic field I’m expected to determine the structure of a molecule with or without the condensed formula. This is hard. Chemistry puzzles are not for the faint of heart. #university #chemistry #nmr #graph #puzzle #chemminor

yunho looking at changmin for when to start dancing \o/


Why Mumps And Measles Can Spread Even When We’re Vaccinated

More than two months ago, a nasty mumps outbreak erupted at Ohio State University. Now the outbreak has ballooned to to more than 230 cases and spilled over into two counties.

Here’s what’s surprising: Many of those who got sick had previously been immunized against mumps. 

Then a few weeks ago scientists reported a similar situation with the measles. A young woman in New York caught the virus in 2011 even though she, too, had been vaccinated, scientists reported last week. “Measles Mary,” as Science magazine called her, also spread the virus to four others.

What’s going on here? Is one of our best shields against infectious illness faltering?

To answer those questions, we talked with a vaccine specialist, Dr. William Schaffner at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Why can you still get the mumps and measles even if you’re vaccinated?

Measles is a terrific vaccine. If you get two doses, it’s predicted to protect 99.99 percent of people for life.

That case in New York was so unusual that it’s come to everyone’s attention. On rare occasions, the virus trumps an individual’s protection.

The mumps vaccine, on the other hand, is not so good. The protection rate varies from study to study. But it’s usually in the mid-80s.

Both vaccines, for mumps and measles, are tamed versions of the viruses. The viruses aren’t killed but what we call attenuated, live viruses.

If you don’t attenuate the mumps virus enough, you get better protection but more complications with the vaccine.

So we’re walking a fine line. To avoid complications, the mumps vaccine doesn’t protect as well as the measles.

We wish we had a better mumps vaccine.

So the outbreak at Ohio State University is due to “vaccine failure,” not declining immunization rates in the U.S.?

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Photo: Potent but not perfect: Medical assistant Elissa Ortivez prepares a measles, mumps and rubella vaccine at a clinic in Walsenburg, Colo. (John Moore/Getty Images)

[fanacc] 140422 THSK Tree Tour in Yokohama D1


[trans] Tohoshinki Live Tour Yokohama Arena 140422 - Ment

Changmin: Although this is something which everybody is the most concerned about… Although right from the start, you have been dancing just like someone who did not have any injuries… is your injury ok?

Yunho: You’re referring to?

Changmin: I’m talking about teacher (sensei)(referring to Yunho)! Please be careful!

Yunho: Health is the most important! (laughs)


Changmin: Because you guys have continuously been standing, you guys should be getting tired, so I’m currently thinking if I should request that you all sit down.

So while fans were discussing this with Changmin, they sat down. 

Changmin then went “I still haven’t said that you guys can sit down! I only said that I was thinking about it!”

[cr: kyoumo0206]

[trans] Tohoshinki Live Tour Yokohama Arena 140422 Ending Ment 

Yunho: I think it would be great if everybody can gather courage, love and hope through Tohoshinki’s live songs. 

Changmin: We will work hard in the future too, such that while we are receiving everybody’s cheers and support, we can also become the tree called “Tohoshinki”.

[cr: sayu_urin33 + Jap-Kor trans by tvxqyoonmin]

trans by mug_ping


[LIVE REPORT] TVXQ TREE TOUR Yokohama Arena Day 1.
CH: I’m sure there is a topic that everyone is curious/ worried of. It was a topic which even came on the news…
YH: Ehh? what are you talking about (acts like he doesn’t know)?
CH: It’s about master’s (or teacher’s) injury on the leg.
YH: Oh, because everyone worried and cheered for me, I was able to recover 80%.

[REPORT] TVXQ TREE TOUR @ Yokohama Day 1.
- Yunho’s expressions were peaceful from the beginning of the show and throughout.
- Changmin seemed nervous at the start. *Probably because he was worried about Yunho’s leg.*
- Yunho looked like he was about to cry at the end of the show, as his eyes looked glassy.
- many of the audience cried during “Miss You”.
- the concert was different from the pattern of the previous concerts like TONE and TIME. Partly perhaps because of Yunho’s injury, there were dance numbers but was not at the extent of doing too much. Since it was different from the other tours, it was interesting.

[LIVE REPORT] TVXQ TREE TOUR @ Yokohama Day 1- Talk.
CH: The female dancers are actually the wives of two TOHO-dancers. While the two pair of couples did a couple dance, I was observing at how they were dancing. One pair were dancing, looking lost in each others’ eyes. Whereas the other couple, were too into their own dance that they did not even exchange a glance.
YH: Dome tours and Nissan were of course very fun but I’m glad I am able to be closer to the fans at Yokohama Arena.
CH: I’ve even seen a child who was dragged here by his mother! He’s saying that he wants to go home!

trans by la_dolce_vita_8


[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount #TohoTreeTour
CM Can i go change clothes?
YH: Do it fast and go back right after
CM: I want to straighten my hair, drink water, go to the toilet…
YH: Do it fast and go back right after
CM: Sleeping in the dressing room…
YH: Do it fast and go back right after

RT @homichoko: 【TREE横浜レポ】
( ´・J・`)<着替えに行ってもいいですか
( ´・J・`)<髪直したいしぃ、水飲みたいしぃ、トイレ行きたいしぃ…
( ´・J・`)<控え室で休みたいかなって…w

[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Changmin, “I have a request. Right now, the lift is up so you can all say if you want the lift up or down.”
Fans “Down!!”
Changmin, “Please listen to these people until the end, if they say down then…”
(The staff then lower the lift)
Changmin “So yeah..”


[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Changmin, “The new single is coming on June 11th..”
Yunho, “11th? eh its last week„ it’s a mistake.. (mumbles mumbles)”
Changmin, “……The new single coming out on ‘June’!!!!”


Trans by @ndyho ^^

[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour
Costume Summary
1. Composer
2. Chic lumberjack
3. AVEX School Dance Children (Especially Changmin)
4. Eccentric Enka Singers
5. Earth Defence Force
6. Byune Kun (Changmin Solo) [T/N not sure who or what this is]
7. Flashy Zebra
8. Enemy of Earth Defence Force
9. Curtain
10 Casual style Madam

RT @nanohanaFC: 【衣装まとめ】

[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Talks about album title
Bigeast: Tree!
Changmin: There are no people here..
Yunho: Its calles Tree, ne! The pronounciation is TREE. You know? My Name is U-know
Changmin: Yeah, I rrreally envy your name~
RT @a2m69: 【横アリTREE4/22】
ユノ「ツリーって言ってますね!発音はトゥリー!You know?おっ!My name is U-Know?」


[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Encore MC
Yunho, “Performing in Stadium is so nice but like this is happy to i’m able to look at everyone’s happy faces.”
Changmin, “There are also people yawning, I can see that they come here against their will to accompany someone.”
Yunho, “I dont think it’s like that. kekeke”

#tohoshinki_tree_tour #tohoshinki

Trans by @ndyho ^^


[trans] When the female dancers for Spellbound came out, the response from Bigeasts were explosive screaming “stop it!!!” lol (0206yhken)

[trans] For today’s Easy Mind perf, since Yunho lost against Changmin, he did his own solo aegyo facing the camera. Lastly, Yunho told Changmin to do the same and Changmin did it but the camera didn’t take it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (0206yhken)

trans by sehunownsme


First song is Champion!

Both Yunho & Changmin have center parting hairstyles except that Changmin’s is more curly. [HellYM]

Cheering just ended. It’s Ai Wo Motto (Love More) now. [HellYM]

Yunho’s hairstyle is not curled, it’s in a dark blond color. Changmin’s hairstyle is parted in center, a little curled. [tvxqyoonmin]

Yunho danced very well today, his injury should be healing fully already. [tvxqyoonmin]

They’re singing Wedding Dress now. There’s a fountain in the middle of the circle stage & male + female dancers in suit. [HellYM]

"VCR seems very high class too" they’re introducing live band and dancers now. [nodako206]

During Breeding Poison, Tohoshinki wore black jacket & golden vest with a black laced-singlet. [nodako206]

Changmin: Everyone knows the name of this album right? Fans: Tee-ree! Yunho: Wrong, wrong! It’s Thoo-ree. [nodako206]

Changmin: Are you sure it’s “Thoo-ree”? It’s Tree (accurate pronunciation), Tree, you know? Yunho: Oh! My name is uknow! Fans: ..[nodako206]

Yunho said that his leg is about 80% recovered and it should recover faster because of everyone’s support. [HellYM]


Yunho’s solo now! He’s wearing black shades, leather jacket and a portable microphone. He asked everyone to shout “Shout out”.

Yunho looks so cool. He kept flicking his hair and he’s so hyper holding the microphone stand. [nodako206]


Tohoshinki sang Easy Mind after Keep Your Head Down. The huge difference in the songsㅋㅋ [HellYM]

Tohoshinki walked from the side to the stage, they’re performing Miss You now! [HellYM]


trans by yunjaery


- Talk time:


Yunho said that his leg is 80% recovered, and said he’ll get better quickly because of everyone’s support :) cr:豆花吧新闻扒抱社 get well soon bb

- Encore talk:


trans by KaTHeartsJJ


[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- As Yunho’s leg isn’t 100%, while he was jumping, it seemed like he would land carefully. Look like he’s been working out ‘cos of his arms! cr:camellia206

[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- During the Spellbound/Something performance at Yunho’s part- Yunho’s friend & the ppl at the casino got into a disagreement & Yunho stepped up to the rescue. During Changmin’s part- it was abt him and his friends running into dodgy ppl at the casino. The rope performance was well-done! cr: camellia206

[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- During Somebody to Love- when the boys shouted out ’ YOKOHAMA’ - was I the only one afraid that they would shout out the wrong name? cr: camellia206 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- During the MC time, Shim teacher didn’t just teach us the proper pronunciation of ‘Tree’, he also taught us how to pronounce ‘Tone’ and ‘Time’. While Shim teacher was pronouncing it, Jung teacher would be spelling it out - ‘T-o-n-e. T-i-m-e.’ Shim teacher said ‘ah, thank you’. cr: camellia206 ㅋ

trans by snxy



CM: Does everyone know this time's album title?
Fans: Seeu-ree!
YH: Wrong wrong! It's "Too-ree"
CM: Are you sure it's "Too-ree"? It should be TREE/pronounces it accurately/ TREE, you know?
YH: OH! My name is U-know!
.....awkward silence
cr: nodako206 + KatHeartsJJ

for @STAR1.


Arena Scan

— Anonymous: Are all tickets for Osaka sold out?


There are still some in the reseller website and the price was still ‘okay’. the original price for all venues is 95USD.

I checked the website 20th Feb 2014 18:00 =

For Osaka DOME the price were around 120USD - 500USD

As for smaller venue, it’s already in 300USD - 900USD

These prices will keep on going up as the date goes closer, and some popular venues like Yokohama Arena sells really fast. Last 3 hours I checked the cheapest ticket were 250USD and now it’s 300USD.

the maximum price for last year’s TIME tour were around 2000USD with the same original price like this year, 95USD

If you have friends or relatives in Japan you could tell them to buy it for you using their address because the ticket will be sent to the account owner’s address in Japan.

EDIT: Oh anyway the website is ticket.co.jp


As announced by AVEX on 24th February 2014, TOHOSHINKI will be having 3 additional shows:

24th May 2014: Tokyo Dome

21st June 2014: Osaka Kyocera Dome

22nd June 2014: Osaka Kyocera Dome

Ticket lottery application period: 26th February 2014 - 3rd March 2014


東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~

Day1: Yokohama Arena Receipts

[trans] Tohoshinki’s messages on the receipt for goods for Yokohama Arena 140422
Yunho: Yokohama Arena, it’s been a long time~
Changmin: Everybody in Yokohama, make the atmosphere even more high! 

[cr: Jap-Kor trans by tvxqyoonmin]

Photo: tomoko_kxx

Trans: mug_ping


東方神起 (Tohoshinki) TREE Live Tour 2014

Less than 1 hour left~



[AUDIO STREAM] 140422 Tohoshinki ‘Tree’ Tour 2014 in Yokohama Arena. … II Start 6:30pm JPT