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yawang : yunho’s articles

Yunho fans rice wreath donation for his drama 19,622 kg via YunhoBeliever

The articles about Yunho at 야왕 press conference.
1. Jung Yunho, the smile that warms women’s heart.
2. Jung Yunho, show off a master’s posture.
3. Jung Yunho, a neat V-line.
4. Jung Yunho, even just a greet but still is the lead of charisma.
5. Jung Yunho, plz looking forward to my acting skill.
6. Jung Yunho, unique gesture.
7. Jung Yunho hands on Soo Ae’s shoulder…..Soo Ae is nervous.

Chintrans: loveissammi trans via yarajung

"TVXQ Yunho’s fans gave gifts to reporters participating in Yawang’s press conference. In addition to these, the flower wreathes that seem to go on endlessly really gives people a sense of astonishment! There’s also handwritten notes~ Not only this, there is amazing sincerity, and there feels like there is a lot of sense ^^" - [theSTAR_korea twitter] Staff report

chi cr: loveissammi via pga-ing

More articles.
1. Jung Yunho, not everyone who can wear this kind of pants.
2. Jung Yunho just hugs Kim Sung Ryeong, she: OMG, OMG, what should i do?
3. Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Yunho, old new Hally star’s meet.
4. Jung Yunho, Soo Ae, eye contact with full of feelings.
5. Kim Sung Ryeong, you feel really grateful to Yunho’s hug right~

Chintrans: loveissammi via yarajung

credit to fenniah

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