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2006 : Yunho in Changmin’s eyes and Changmin from Yunho’s eyes. or HoMin from MinHo’s perspective pt. 2

Elle 2006, when Yunho was asked about Changmin, this was his answer:

Changmin from Yunho’s eyes :

??- Infinite potential, very deep person. As a leader, even I’m shocked. (translator cannot find the appropriate word for his one answer in English i believe)

- Now, let us put back in our mind that Jung merely just a 20 years old. Some of us/our parents/family members probably had done a lot of weird things, or irresponsible things in our/their 20s. However, Yunho, who was and still is a leader of DBSK/Tohoshinki (with immense popularity in 2006) had a very deep observations of Changmin. Other members also said very deep words about Changmin (18 years old), but Yunho’s answer stood the most for me :

- Even at 20, his observation of people is very accurate. Look at Changmin now. Yunho 20 years old’s observation was also shared in recent interview (which i cannot find the source) where the interviewer did a palm reading for both of them and said that Changmin has an infinite potential (she said that his inner potential is unstoppable) that need to be guided and unleashed.

- Yunho as a leader at that time realized that Changmin was not just an ordinary person. He might appeared shy and always shadowed behind his hyungs back then, but  Yunho has been waiting for Changmin to grow up and bloom like he is today. Watch their couple talk one and two. Jung told us that he cannot wait to see Changmin to grow up and become a great gentleman in the next years. Again, look at Changmin now.

- Yunho that we see now, probably less stoic than he was years back. He looked innocent, so carefree and approachable. So respectful and innocent almost to the point of being foolish said by  Kwon Sang Woo and adored as naive and unexpectedly pure by Kim Sung Ryeong - said here and here.

- However, don’t let his carefree attitude and cute smiles fooled you. Don’t ever forget that Yunho at a very young age has a very strong determination to become an idol/artist. He went to Seoul with his friends at the age of 14, without his dad’s approval to chase his dream. He even impressed the judges by cutting his own singing time and asked them to watch his full dance. Imagine a 14 years old, saying that respectfully (i believe - if not, they will probably just kicked him off the stage, lol), to a bunch of adults and he was selected as a trainee. A willed full and strong headed Jung was back then.  He had to support himself without his dad’s pocket money/encouragement and sleep anywhere he can just so that he  can achieve his dream.

 - To prove to his dad that being an idol is not going to give him bleak future, he maintained his grades and his attendance  (about his attendance - it was from star the secret, i couldn’t find the eng subbed of it now. and there is high probability that the attendance was mentioned in another star the secret in the middle of 2009,where yunho’s graduation photos were cut out by students,lmao, but couldn’t find it too). How many of us can maintain all of that despite being very busy in debuting process? He was also one of the head of his class. He set an example to all of the students that until now his teacher always being proud off. He also graduated from Myongji university in 2011.

- As i said previously in Changmin’s post, Yunho also dealt with all those teenage’s stuffs during his trainee’s days plus he had to cater himself for food and place to live.He also was traveling for work in his teenage days as Dana’s rapper and other idols’ back up dancer (try google how he was in a video with shinhwa in their dressing room in china. he was way at the back. so you have to observe carefully with your ninja eyes,lol)

- When DBSK debuted,at the age of 18, he also had to deal with his management company, bridging between his managers (or probably his management company too) and his members when something arose. Leader has to deal with all the shitty things and has a lot to worry. The responsibilities that one has to shoulder as a leader is so big that not all people can deal with it. Either you break under the pressure or you deal with it. Let say if a member did some shitty thing, who was the first to be called? The leader. Who was the first to be blamed? The leader. Imagine the tremendous efforts and sacrifices that a leader has to do every single time.

-One cannot simply become a leader and lead one of the most successful groups in the industry. He did not only lead his group, but also set example to fans and hoobaes. Besides that, he also has to be respectful towards the sunbaes and carry out his duty as a hoobae . He has to be careful in what he said or done coz he knows that the impact of his words and actions will also affect all the people around him. Think block b for example. How they were lashed by the netizen and the industry coz of one simple mistake that people interpreted them of being rude. You have to read their side of the story before you make any judgement towards zico.That is why leaders have to be careful coz netizen can be unforgiving.

- I have rambled a lot of things about Yunho, and i can continue more. However, my main point is that, if Yunho back then can do all of that, how come a 27 years old Yunho with a bunch of experiences under his belt and extensive connections with people in the industry cannot stand for himself now? As i have said, don’t let his cute appearances fool you, coz behind that is a very intelligent and wise young man who is one of the gems in the entertainment industry. He has shown us how he grows and will continue to grow as years went by. Have faith in Jung Yunho yo~ Give him all the credit that he supposed to have and continue to support him.

- Yunho really values people around including his fans. He said in el sol :

"it means to grow, and it’s something that we can do to repay our fans. The fans’ faces are my own face. The fans are a mirror. For this reason, it’s important to enjoy each time we perform, and I want people to say that Tohoshinki and Tohoshinki’s fans are really having fun together.”

   So don’t taint his name if you say that you are his fans. He really put his fans on pedestal coz he compared himself with us. Remember that.

- Yunho knows and is more than capable to take care of himself even with his clumsy personality and cute honest face. He said so himself :

I get uneasy when there’s no work to do, so I’ll exercise or set up a schedule so that I won’t have any unoccupied time.” el sol

- About his one and only nakama, he said this :

 ”We both evolve while we work, so there are many times when I feel there is a new Changmin and not the image of him I’ve had since long ago. He’s younger than I am but more mature, and I feel that he has started developing his own color these days. I look forward to seeing a new side of Changmin in the future" - Glamorous May issue.


- For fans, Shinhwa’s Dongwan said that they cannot be responsible for their fans’ life. Changmin also said the same thing :

I do think that we’re here because of the fans’ support, but for fans who regard artists as their whole lives, we can’t realistically support them and become their partners. Even if our stages and products can meet their expectations, we’re not responsible for each of their lives and futures.” el sol

- So let us enjoy our time being their fans and support them the way that we can moderately~ yeay

To reduce the seriousness of my post,let me share a snippet from el sol about Yunho :

On the other hand, there’s news that the day before going back to Korea, a local girl called out “pretty boy” to Yunho while he and the staff were sightseeing to hit on him! 

YH: “I hardly ever get hit on so I was surprised. But since I was with everyone else……well more than that, it’s not like I would be swayed by flirting in the first place (he laughs)! ” el sol.

- Lol, pretty boy sure is pretty. Even a Spanish girl admitted that.

Ok~ before i stop, i just want to say :

El Sol is the duo’s handbook. Please read them yo. Man~ you are missing a lot if you refuse to read it. Each and every sentences can be dissected and analyze. Don’t say that you are their fans if you haven’t really read it and try to digest their words carefully and imprint them in your fangirling hearts and mind.

As an emphasis :El sol is really like their guidebook. The more I know them through the years from 2011-2013, the more I was impressed about what they told me in El Sol. It is amazing tbh. Hence, if you remember the content of words that they said, whenever stupid things happened in the fandom, just open the link. or better yet, print it out, put it beside ur table whenever dramatic stuff happened in the fandom and u can smile and be giddy all by yourself,lol

P/s : You really have to read EL SOL if you claimed yourself as TVXQ fans.

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